Benefits For Register Under VVIP Preview!

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What is VVIP Preview ?
When you registered under VVIP Preview, we shall keep you update and progress on the project. You will be assign with one developer’s sales representative to assist you on the whole process. The assigned developer’s sales representative will explain to you on the procedure, eligibility, timeline, documents needed, financial calculation, down-payment amount and more.

What are the benefits to register for VVIP booking?
You will get developer’s Best Launching prices during the initial units release. (Early Bird Price). Unit prices will generally increases for remaining un-released units on later date. Purchasers under VVIP Booking will allow to select choice unit to purchase. Non VVIP purchasers only able to select the balance units, after the VVIPs have confirmed their units, and may not be entitled to the same benefits or initial prices, as per the VVIP purchasers.

Is there any penalty thereafter, If I did not purchase/ book any unit after register for VVIP booking?
No, no penalty will be imposed if you choose not to purchase any unit.

Why need to refrain from multiple registrations ?
Multiple registrations or duplicate applications, does not mean you will get higher chances for balloting. This is because the developer will perform matching of cheques and application forms before balloting.

Please refrain from submitting duplicate application or registration with other agents or other websites to prevent duplication that cause delay in issue queue number by the developer’s computer system.

How to get the smallest queue number?
The earlier you register your interest by submitting a Letter Of Authorisation (LOA) , you will have a better chance of getting a smaller queue number and your choice unit. Please be assured that you still can CANCEL your LOA without any penalty if you later think that Le Quest do not meets your family needs.

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